Boss Capital Broker


Located in Arcade House Temple Fortune, London, Boss Capital Broker was launched in the year 2014 and has turned into a famous binary option trading platform. The platform is founded by financial specialists and it is one of those platforms that offer new traders with some amazing opportunities to earn decent profits.

Even though it was launched in the year 2014, Boss Capital already conforms to the guidelines of fairness laid by the FBO. They offer multiple features and more than 180 trading assets. Some of the most amazing features of Boss capital that separate them from other platforms are- wide range of account packages, seamless functioning trading software that doesn’t need any kind of setup or download, fast banking and also, there is no minimum amount withdrawal policy.

No matter if you are new to trading, the platform offers a wide array of educational resources, like videos, eBooks, market news and a lot more to ensure that your learning process is simple and quick. Moreover, their customer service is available to help you 24 x 7 in as many as 10 different languages.

Account Opening

You will need a minimum of $200 for opening an account with Boss Capital. The minimum size of trade is merely $10 and this is one of the reasons which makes Boss Capital such a favorite platform among new traders. For opening an account with Boss Capital, simply click on the ‘Open Account’ button on their website. You will not have to pay any money for opening an account. Fill in the details on the account opening form and submit the same. Then you will receive the verification letter on the email address that you filled in the form. Once the verification is over, you will receive a username and password to your new account at Boss Capital

If you believe that you are ready to make your first trade, you’ll be required to deposit money in your account. Or, if you believe that you need to learn more, use their educational resources until you are ready. They offer multiple payment options, like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express Debit/Credit Card, wire transfer and electronic payments. Once you’ve deposited the money, you can choose from various instruments, like Short Term, Boundary, One Touch or Call/Put. On reaching the expiry time, you can easily check the outcome of the trade in the section named as ‘My Account’.


Account Types

You can choose from a wide variety of account packages at Boss Capital, which include, Standard Account, Bronze Account, Silver Account, Gold Account and VIP Account. These accounts come with their own benefits and are perfect for new as well as professional traders.

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Mobile Trading

Boss Capital also has its own mobile application for trading. The application is extremely easy to use and most of its functionality is similar to that of its software or online platform. Right from placing trades to checking their results, you can do all of it on its mobile application as well. The application can be downloaded from Boss Capital’s website.

Boss Capital also comes with an abundance of features to make your trading an easy, informative and profitable experience. With customers from all over the world which are growing at an impressive rate, Boss Capital is sure to reach new heights in future.

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Top binary options robots  

Binary trading has become one of the most popular concepts for online trading in the past decade. It is widely available, with many brokers offering trading platforms and many additional features, and it is available for everyone who is willing to dedicate some time to the trading, no matter the previous education and experience.

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There are also many facilitating and useful tools to help the trade be more successful and profitable, such as binary signals, market reviews, assistance of a personal broker or various educational materials. One of the fairly new concepts invented to make binary trading easier are binary options robots.

They operate by receiving trading signals from different sources and placing the trades on the trader’s behalf, according to the parameters previously set by the trader. Unfortunately, many scams have appeared claiming to be binary robots, since this concept is not yet fully established and regulated, so we will provide a list of top binary options robots available online, with the highest accuracy and without the risk for the trader to get scammed:

cover1. Binary Option Robot – this is a 100% automated robot that allows trading with some of the most widely used brokers. It provides high accuracy, but what is more – a large choice of features that enable you to modify the parameters of trading as it suits you. You can also set a maximum amount to lose per daily trading, and once it is reached, this robot will automatically stop the trading session.
binary-option-robot-review-1-6382. Algobit – a rewarded binary robot, free of charge, with up to 81% accuracy, very user-friendly settings and also related to many reputable brokers.

5. Investocopy – a free trading robot that even offers additional $500 welcome bonus to the new users. It is based on social trading, that is copying the trades from other successful users. When you create an account with this robot, you need to choose one of the brokers from the list provided to connect your account, then find the traders you want to copy based on their performance, and start copying. Copying is charged in credits which are bought on Investocopy, but they are cheap, and there are also ways to obtain free credits.
topoption_platform14. Binary Hedge Fund – another robot, similar to Tropicaltrade,  cooperating with reliable brokers and providing a highly accurate automatized trading, with high accuracy. Opening an account is free of charge and there is no download required – since everything is done through the software on the website and through a browser.
5. Binary Auto Trader – the automatized trading system of Stockpair, one of the most trusted and user-friendly brokers on the market. Creating a robot is free of charge, and it is available for the users of this broker’s platform.
6. Binary Replicator – this is the automatized trading system of CTOption and it is based on social trading, that is copying other users’ trades instead of trading on your own strategy. It is free to use for all CTOption’s traders.

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Reasons to use binary signals when trading binary options

Trading binary options is a very popular concept all around the world. It is widely available and used by both those who make all their profits out of it, or just add it as some extra earning method to their everyday job. Many binary traders decide to use trading signals, because they can make trading significantly easier and can save up a lot of time. Of course, as it is important to choose a reliable broker, it is also important that you choose reliable signals, whether they are provided by the broker or by a third-party website. For example, 24Option is a very reliable and worldwide used broker that also provides trading signals for their users, so there you can find everything in one place.

autobinarysignalsreview1Signals are sometimes provided by human experts, who perform technical analysis in order to draw conclusions and give suggestions about trading, but it is becoming more and more common that the signals are derived by software solution based on complex algorithms. Signal software can run in two different ways: from your computer upon installing it, or online on a server provided by the broker or the third-party website.

binary-options-elite-signals Signals that run on your computer will be sent through the software in the form of a pop-up message within the system and thus notify you of the opportunity to trade. On the other hand, signals that operate online are usually sent to the users by email, SMS or on the website (which is the least common way, since it would mean that the trader needs to be on the website all the time). All in all, every signal provides the underlying asset it suggests you to trade, the expiration time for you to set and the direction of investing (Call or Put). Signals are created and provided only for the users of standard Call/Put options, so if you trade different kinds of options, you are most likely to need to perform the analysis yourself.

timthumb.php_If you find a good signal provider and execute the trades correctly, you may be able to raise your winning ratio to 80%, which is more than enough to make money with binary options. Also, it is not necessary to have the knowledge of technical analysis in order to trade. However, it is important to know how to trade and how to set up a trading strategy, since the signals are only suggestions what to trade at a particular moment. The trading process is quicker with binary signals, and it can save you a lot of time and allow you to execute more trades during a certain trading period. Another advantage is that there is no emotional deciding involved, since all the signals are based on the facts and nothing but facts.

0ab2948Not only that you can use signals for your real trading, you can also try them out on a demo account or while you are paper trading, in order to test out their accuracy. Keep in mind that they are mere suggestions about your trading moves, you do not have to accept them if it does not seem right, but they still can bring you many benefits and help you in trade.

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How to find trading charts

Successful and dedicated binary traders use technical analysis in order to predict future price movements on the market. Technical analysis is a useful tool, but its reliability depends on the price chart it is based on. High accuracy and price charts that follow market fluctuations from second to second are absolutely essential for anyone who wants to perform technical analysis successfully and make money through binary trading. Finding a good chart provider is not an easy job for many traders, especially novice ones. Chart providers may be different, and the quality of the chart depends on the reliability of the provider..

The providers can be:

1.  Websites – When they want to perform technical analysis, many people start with the charts provided on websites. They are good because you can easily find them, there are many of them and they provide market information quickly. Since they are not related to any broker, they are not likely to change the real market price in order for the broker to fraudulently benefit from your trade.
Another advantage is that the websites can be accessed from any device, whether it is PC, like Toshiba, Dell, or mobile, since they do not require any installation.
But there are also several significant disadvantages of using websites for technical analysis and the reasons why they can make your technical analysis difficult. Firstly, most of the free websites delay the market prices for several minutes, in order to make you purchase the pro-pack the offer. Also, they usually do not offer displaying the market movements in candlestick form, nor they offer the possibility of drawing indicators into your chart (trend lines, technical indicators or support and resistance levels). These restrictions make the websites useless for any in-depth technical analysis. Paid services can reduce these disadvantages, but some of them remain even if you buy the pro-pack.
322. Software – There are many decent software solutions, such as Meta Trader, which are available free of charge and suitable for performing technical analysis. They provide indicators such as support and resistance lines or trend lines. If you want to add an indicator or some other tool, will be able to add it yourself in the editor on the website or find it in one of the active user bases on the web. The software provides the latest prices on the market in real-time and with no time delay, and market movements are usually displayed in candlesticks, but it can also be modified. Many chart software programs of this kind are also possible to use on a mobile device, with the same precision and accuracy. The only bad side of the software is that you need to install it on a device from which you want to use it, so it cannot be used anywhere or on the device you do not normally trade from.
333. Brokers – Most of the brokers allow you to use their charts once you create an account. Brokers such as Stockpair, Boss Capital, with a comprehensive, user-friendly platform, usually offer decent charts as well. Most of the brokers’ charts are web-based, so they have the same limitations as the charts provided by other websites, but the difference is that these are tailored for binary options. They are free of charge if you create an account with the broker.

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Binary options – are you trading or gambling?

Since trading binary options has become a widespread method of trading, available to everyone and used by many people who have never even traded before, there are many of those who claim it to be nothing but gambling. On the other hand, there actually are traders who have a lot of pre-existing experience and knowledge and who invest a lot of effort and time in trading binary options every day, for months or years. And the question remains: is trading binary options trading a form or just a gambling? The only true answer is that it can be both. But it does not depend on the binary trading itself, but on the person who performs it.

ravaIn order for some action to be labeled as gambling, it has to perform two criteria – it has to involve money or any other thing of value, and the action’s outcome has to be determined by chance, or luck. Binary trading certainly fulfills the first criteria, since you invest money in buying or selling an option; you lose it or win it, depending on the trade’s outcome. It actually resembles a game of roulette. But the second aspect is under question. Does binary trading really depend on chance? And if it does, to which extent?

41For the binary traders who do not want to invest in education about binary trading and all its aspects, trading binary options may actually look more like gambling than trading, or even be completely the same. These users usually buy or sell options randomly, without thinking their moves through and without any particular plan. They also often use some binary option robot, which is a tool provided for free by many brokers or third-party websites specialized for it. But there is no binary robot that can trade successfully on your behalf, if you do not have the necessary knowledge that will help you set the parameters needed for it to execute the trades so that they end up to be as profitable as possible. For traders like this, binary options robot simply another way of pulling a slot lever or placing a token on a roulette table. Also, this kind of traders usually does not stay long in binary trading.

trade-binary-optionsOn the other hand, for the traders who spend time learning, exploring, practicing and thinking, binary trading is definitely more likely to be the actual trading and the source of profit rather than the certain way of losing money. Of course, there is still simple luck present to certain extent, but its involvement is significantly reduced by the proper education and the ability to analyze the market’s fluctuations in order to make the correct predictions. In addition, these traders do not allow themselves to make the decisions based on intuition or a random choice, but they rely on facts and the conclusions driven from market analysis.

So, in order not to be considered a gambler, but rather a trader, it is necessary to be educated and know what you are doing, spend some time learning before you start trading, and never stop upgrading your knowledge.

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All you need to know about CTOption

         One of the youngest companies in the world of trading with binary options is also one of the best and clients make no difference about this one and the companies which have a bit more years of experience. Of course, this company is known as CTOption and this “CTOption review” will be focused on those elements which enabled this broker house to make such a strong influence onto the global trading market and also on the most important attributes and features of this broker. Staggering success of this broker in such a short period is impressive for most people who deal with binary options, and experts say that this growth in popularity of “CTOption” will probably continue in the following period.

52             Traditionally, every article written about brokers and companies that provide trading in binary options starts with a historical overview of the company in question, so we will follow the same procedure in this “CTOption review”, and therefore start with the year when this broker house was established. This happened in 2013, and “CTOption” was registered in Kingstown, in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, under the ownership of a London-based corporation called InfiniC    ore LTD. After that, everything for this company was smooth sailing, and immediately upon arriving on the market of binary options this broker has attracted thousands of traders who were willing to invest through this website.51

            One of the most important factors of that huge demand and amazing popularity was the fact that “CTOption” was offering its services to citizens of United States, and this big and wealthy market was a significant boost in numbers of registered accounts and overall profits of the company. American territory is off limits for brokers who are regulated by certain regulatory bodies, such as CySEC, and this was not the case with “CTOption” since they are still not regulated by this agency. They will probably acquire the license in a very short period, but for now they are not authorized by any regulatory body and can therefore offer their services with to restrictions to the whole world.

  53         The fact that “CTOption” is still not regulated does not mean that this broker is not safe. On the contrary, this website is very reliable and traders are completely protected. Super-advanced platform from a well-known software provider, Panda TS among others, enables high security standards and clients can be relaxed and comfortable when trading on “CTOption” website.

 54           There are several other elements of this platform which are unique and special, and some of them can even be considered revolutionary, like the popular “Replicator” program which mimics the social network experience and enables customers to “follow” other top traders. With a very high payout rate, which can even reach 91%, clients can trade with more than 100 different assets and in different methods and time frames.

Everything about “CTOption” is designed to maximize the trading experience and people who choose to make this their primary broker will certainly not regret this decision, and will probably have a lot more money on their accounts in the end.

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